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Fox Audio Recorder is an easy-to-use program, without bells and whistles, specially designed to digitize recordings of music cassettes, LPs or videos.

Fox Audio Recorder

Fox® Audio Recorder®
Professional Audio recording software

Fox Audio Recorder helps you to transfer tapes, LPs, live performances, Internet radio, TV, DVD player, or any other sound source to your hard drive with no loss of quality. Various effective recording settings make your recording task interesting and attractive.
The software helps to protect your valuable recordings--just set the sound source, the recording quality, and volume, then start recording.
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Record various audio data

  • Record sound from internet broadcast, live performances, tapes, LPs, TV, DVD player, CD player, microphone,
  • real player without loss of quality.

Digitize recordings

  • The new recordings are saved to the hard drive as a WAV,MP3 or WMA format without costing any other disk space.

Effective output settings

  • Provide useful output quality such as MP3 Quality, WMA quality and CD quality. Customize audio bit rate, frequency and parameters.

User-friendly interface
  • With a clear and intuitive interface, you can catch on to the system quickly.

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